Your walk home from work is interrupted by a small child. For the next several days, your life is turned upside down. Can you navigate the peculiar circumstances you found yourself in and discover the ten endings? Along the way meet Irene, Mother, sprites, and maybe find out Gwen's true name. 

Will you keep yours?


I enjoy incorporating new stuff that I learn into twine games. (This time, variables and music!) It sort of got out of hand. There were several more endings planned, including another branching path, but I decided to cut it.

As always, my twine games are free. If you'd like to and are able, I would appreciate any support through a $1 donation or sharing with your friends!

Happy Spooky Season, everyone! <3


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Really got into the story, it written really nicely, I have a little bit of trouble with certain vocabulary since I'm foreigner but other than that great game.

Thank you for the feedback :) 


i really liked this!! subtly devious concept- not a lot of people know about the fae, names, and the prices therein, so it was cool to see a game touch on that!!

the music was pleasant, i really liked the in-text messages (they were clear in intent- like irene's text, i could tell via font change, for instance) and man... i gotta say, that purple is a beautiful shade.

all in all, thank you for this game!! i had a good time with it, and well, managed to keep my name! ;)

Awww, thank you for all the feedback! It's really appreciated <3